Second Wind is a fan created mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is currently still in development for the Wii U, Nintendo Switch and Cemu.


Second Wind introduces several new Main Quests, as well as several Side Quests that enable you to obtain new items. Set after The Champions' Ballad, Link is telepathically contacted by Zelda who tells him to visit the Forgotten Temple. After inspecting a pedestal there, an unnamed Monk speaks to him. He tells Link that in order to reach a hidden land above the clouds he will need to collect 5 parts of a special key. Each part is held by a new character with their own issue that Link must help solve in order to obtain the key part. Once all parts are obtained, Link can return to the Forgotten Temple and use the formed key in order to gain access to the land above the clouds.

Once Link arrives in the new Land he must...tbc

New Content


Seven Main Quests (six of which encompass the new storyline).

Eighteen Side Quests to acquire new items and upgrade existing ones.


  • 60 new weapons, 25 new shields and 40 Armor pieces.
  • Eight more Spirit Orbs can be obtained from the Ancient Shrines added to the Overworld, allowing for the player to Maximise both Hearts and Stamina.
  • 45 new Meals, 5 new ingredients.
  • Several new Materials to obtain.


  • A new map, The Ancient Island, becomes accessible.
  • 8 Shrines are introduced to the world.
  • Several hidden realms added.


  • A boss for the new dungeon.
  • 12 Overworld bosses. Defeating them the first time gives the player access to Shards of Courage.
  • A New Dark Gold Lynel.
  • 14 new enemies
  • The four dungeon bosses (Windblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon, Thunderblight Ganon) and Calamity Ganon have been rebalanced.

New Mechanics

  • Players can now craft items and interact with blacksmiths to create weapons.
  • Gossip Stones are added which give the player hints.
  • A melee attack is added.


  • Many new NPCs added to the world.
  • Many NPCs have new or changed dialogue.
  • The Old Man gives you fairies at the start of the game.


Names in Other Regions
Language Name Meaning
Japanese 第二の風
Chinese 第二風
Dutch Tweede wind
French Second souffle
German Zweiter Wind
Italian Secondo vento
Russian Второе дыхание
Spanish Segundo aire



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