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Second Wind is a mod project that contains a variety of new content designed to be played on top of a vanilla Breath of the Wild experience. Below are details on all the elements that are part of this project.

Please note, as this project is still in development many aspects listed below are either not available or finalized and there's a possibility they will be removed in the final release.


After installing the mod, players will notice the Second Wind logo on the title screen replacing the vanilla Breath of the Wild logo. The version number will also update corresponding with the current build of the Mod installed. Players are able to use the mod regardless of the current state of their current save, however some events can only be experienced with a new save.

Labours of the Hero

Main article: Labours of the Hero

Labours of the Hero is a large scale quest triggered after obtaining the Hylian Shield. Link must face off against 13 bosses and will obtain an upgraded version of the Hylian Shield as a reward. This quest introduces various new areas such as a revamped Oakle's Navel, The Royal Crypt, The Abandoned Mines, The Wizzrobe Tower, and the Ancient Trials Shrine.

Ordon Village

Main article: Ordon Village

Named after the village from Twilight Princess this new area provides unique quests, NPCs and acts as a hub to many of the new content expansions including Labours of the Hero, The Blacksmiths, Food Expansion and the Wildlife Expansion.

Chest Fix

In the overworld there are 5 treasure chests that are bugged in some form. Either they are impossible to obtain due to their location, are placed in such a way it would take an hour to excavate or the chest is positioned in some way that the treasure sensor cannot pick it up. This mod fixes all those issues to enable the player to find and open every single treasure chest in the game without any issues.

Location Contents
Hateno Village Purple Rupee
East of Aris Beach (on the east shore) Amber
East of Aris Beach (in the water) Opal
East side of Rassla Lake Knight's Shield
Upland Zorana Soldier's Bow

Shrine Overhaul

Main article: Shrine Overhauls

The Shrine Overhaul changes the atmosphere in Shrines to make them more unique. This change applies to all 120 Vanilla Shrines and may result in a existing shrines featuring new puzzles, alternative solutions, new enemy encounters and more.

Quiver Overhaul

The quiver overhaul is a small aesthetic change to Breath of the Wild that aims to give more aesthetically pleasing quivers to different Bow groups. This will result in weapons like the Knights Bow and Silver Bow to use different quivers.

The Blacksmiths

Main article: Blacksmiths

Adapted from the Crafting Project this overhaul adds Blacksmiths to Breath of the Wild, capable of crafting vanilla and new weapons. Blacksmiths become available at different points of the game depending on the region you are in. Anvils can now be found at every stable and town, allowing the player to craft arrows and other crafting related materials. With this expansion comes new ores such as Iron, Silver, Gold and Eldin Ore. In addition there are a few crafting related quests that can be triggered from specific locations.

Mask Expansion

This expansion adds a variety of masks to the game, originating from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Many of these masks can be purchased from the Happy Mask Salesman while others can be obtained when completing specific quests. See Armor to find more information about most of the new masks. Three additional masks can be obtained from the following side quests:

Martial Arts Expansion

The Martial Arts expansion adds a new dynamic to combat with the ability to use hand to hand combat skills against enemies. Players will gain the ability to perform martial arts skills, train from a Master and develop their abilities in the new expansion. This is still in active development and not accessible within the open-beta.

Food Expansion

The food expansion adds a variety of new original meals as well as introducing referenced meals from Breath of the Wild and porting new meals from Age of Calamity. A total of 24 new meals are added, 4 new materials and a new cooking related quest is introduced. See food for currently implemented food.

Wildlife Expansion

This creature expansion adds 28 new animals to the game including new variants of existing animals and newly designed creatures to find in the wild. Variants of the same species have been changed to drop more unique materials as well as spawn in different environments. See animals for a list of currently implemented species.

The Ancient Island (TBD)

More info coming soon...