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"Labours of the Hero" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild: Second Wind.


This quest is unlocked once Link leaves Hyrule Castle after obtaining the Hylian Shield. After being given the quest by Monk Ruya Nala, Link is tasked to travel near Champion's Gate, which is to the east of the Gerudo Desert in the Gerudo Highlands region. When Link reaches the location marked on the map, a shrine emerges from the ground. This is the Ruya Nala Shrine.

Once Link enters the shrine and reaches the main chamber, the words "The Ancient Trials" appear, signalling to Link the nature of this shrine. After speaking to Monk Ruya Nala, Link is given the objective to defeat twelve bosses across Hyrule. Hints for the location for these bosses are given in the statues throughout the main chamber.

Stage Description
1 You heard a mysterious voice that mentioned a great trial...

The voice instructed you to find a shrine near the Gate of Champions.

What could be in this shrine?

2 According to the Monk in the shrine, heroes from the past

would combat great foes in a legendary test of strength.

You have been challenged to complete the same trial.

Find the twelve foes who roam the land of Hyrule and

defeat them in combat.

Bosses Remaining: 12

Complete Reserved

The numbers which highlight the location of hints for bosses in the Labour of the Hero Side Quest for Breath of the Wild: Second Wind.

Information About Bosses

Number Boss Hint Location
1 Big Octo Lurking in the depths of a flooded

mine, within the Rozudo Mountains.

Big Octo Location
Rozudo Keep, west of Hateno Tower. Underneath a cluster of Malice. The path is opened by using a bomb on a wall at night.
2 Mother Chuchu On a mound of rock

watching the Exchange Ruins

Mother Chuchu Location
Appears on the top of a hill directly south of the Exchange Ruins in the Hyrule Field region.
3 Stone Talus Lord Atop a plateau overlooking the Scablands
Stone Talus Lord Location
Located on top of a plateau west of Seres Scablands, and between Mount Rhoam and Illumeni Plateau in the Hyrule Ridge region.
4 Reserved Reserved Reserved
5 Reserved Reserved Reserved
6 Sooga Frozen in ice beyond Lake Kilsie,

at the edge of the world.

Sooga Location
Frozen in a block of ice south west of Lake Kilsie in the Hebra region.
7 Reserved Reserved Reserved
8 Reserved Reserved Reserved
9 Reserved Reserved Reserved
10 Reserved Reserved Reserved
11 Lunar Lynel Waiting by the Valley of Karusa.
Lunar Lynel Location
At the entrance to Karusa Valley in the Gerudo Desert region.
12 Reserved Reserved Reserved

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